Mindset Matching Game

Mindset Matching This game is designed to introduce and/or reinforce the three types of mindsets: Fixed, Growth, and Benefit. Learn about mindset science and how it is critical to transformations in this blog post. The game’s Built-in List includes two categories of playing cards: Paradigm and Scenario. The Paradigm cards represent the outlook a person with a specific mindset may have on multiple aspects of life.…

Flipping Agile Pizza

An online mashup of Ralf Kruse’s Kanban pizza and the penny flip game. The initial version was distributed to my network and I have seen at least one variation. This is the MVP version, which has been improved and can be run as a 45-60 minute workshop. MVP instructions How to run it: Imagine you’re a chef. In front of you is a table and…

Epic bedtime story

There are not many games out there to explain and discuss how distributed teams work and for very good reasons. Teams **should** be co-located.
This simple game is intended for any member of your organisation/teams to understand the challenges related to “distributed scrum”.
This also relate to the roles/skills and how natural instincts affect teams so there is no wrong way to play it.
**I tried it with 4th graders to test it before I brought this to the grownups. Went really well in both cases.
Goal: The goal is to create a children’s book of 10-12 pages within 40 minutes using 2 to 6 teams.