Retro Cats!

My favorite Retrospective that I have invented to date. Backstory: I had a team that was obsessed with Cats (well…most of them…hence the need to create a follow-up Retro involving Dogs). While trolling for the best cat memes on the internet, I learned that some of my favorite cat pics resembled some of the most important basic human emotions. Try this fun Retro to see…

do you have an agile mindset?

Agile Mindset Test – Agile Thinking Game

This is a great agile thinking exercise to really help you to understand and raise your awareness of an agile mindset. I play this game in my training, and I have played it numerous times over the past 10 years. I’ve played it as a variation of the game I have Never too at conferences with over 300 people, always everyone ends up standing up,…

Being Agile - Retro Sailboat Game

Retrospective Sailing

Retrospective Sailing Short Guide 1. Draw Boat2. Name your boat/ agree topic3. Mission?4. Add Sails – well?5. Add Anchors – better?6. Scale Sails 1 to 107. Scale Anchors -1 to -108. +1 actions to raise sails/anchors9. Agree actions to take forward More information and guidance