Mindset Matching

This game is designed to introduce and/or reinforce the three types of mindsets: Fixed, Growth, and Benefit. Learn about mindset science and how it is critical to transformations in this blog post.

The game’s Built-in List includes two categories of playing cards: Paradigm and Scenario. The Paradigm cards represent the outlook a person with a specific mindset may have on multiple aspects of life. The Scenario cards represent situations in which a person may have exhibited a specific type of mindset. The objective of the game is to drag the Paradigm and Scenario below the corresponding Mindset cards, with accompanying discussion.

This game is designed to be used with one person, such as an Agile Coach, facilitating and asking participants individually or collectively where they think the Paradigm or Scenario cards should be dragged. For Scenario cards, after the card is dragged under one of the mindsets, the selected participant describes a real-life scenario matching the card. This game works great as a team-building exercise or as part of a training for teams or leaders in an organization.

Note that this game is not designed for use on mobile devices, tablets, or other devices with screen width resolutions less than 1000 pixels.

It is possible for a registered, logged-in user to create custom lists of Paradigm and Scenario cards. This incudes creating a new, blank list and adding cards, or cloning an existing list (including the Built-in List). The functionality includes the ability to add, delete, and reorder the cards. The custom lists are then available to select when playing the game, as long as the user is logged in. Note that the My Content page is not supported for the Internet Explorer browser.

Virtual Game link: https://sevawisegames.com/games/mindset-matching

Timing: 10 Minutes


Internet Access for presenter, ability to display on a singe screen for co-located teams. For virtual teams, suggest meeting software such as (MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom, etc.)


One Agile Scrum Team, Agile Coach or Scrum Master


The virtual Mindset Matching game consists of three Mindset Cards across the top of the screen.

On the left side are “Paradigm Cards”.

Facilitate the game by having each team member read one of the “Paradigm” cards and explain under which Mindset it belongs to and why they believe the card should be placed there.

Facilitator drags and drops the card to the correct location under the Scrum Role selected above that best fits with the Behavior.

You will also find Scenario cards were participants will be asked to describe an experience or event. This helps teams to dig deeper and apply critical thinking to the problems they may face.

Learning Points:

The purpose of this game is to introduce and/or reinforce three key Agile Mindsets to help drive positive behavior on your Delivery Team. We use the term “Delivery Team” to support those teams outside of software development learning Agile.

Link to Game: http://sevawise.com/tools/games/scrum-roles 


Mindset Matching game was created by Rich Stewart, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Based on a work at http://sevawise.com/tools/games/scrum-roles.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://sevawise.com/home.