Impact & Effort Matrix

This version of the famous impact-effort technique has been popularized by XPLANE. Aiming to find the most efficient strategy to reach your goal, Impact & Effort Matrix maps possible actions against two factors: the potential impact and the effort required to implement. By organizing your ideas, you can see which ones will lead to the greatest payoffs and lowest costs before you get stuck on a twisted road of wasted time.

Pair Ping-PongingPing-Pong em ParesPing-Pong en ParesПарный Пинг-Понг

Pair Ping-Ponging is an interactive and productive work techniques to facilitate and explain the approach of TDD and Pair Programming.Esse é um jogo interativo e produtivo que demonstra técnicas para facilitar e explicar as abordagens de TDD e Pair Programming.Juego interactivo y productivo que demonstra técnicas para facilitar y explicar las abordagenes TDD y Pair Programming.Парный Пинг-Понг – это интерактивная и продуктивная техника для объяснения концепций TDD подхода и парного программирования ….