Timing: 1 hour

• Internet access

Players (5..8 recommended):
• Business Manager / Business Owner
• Employees / Team members

Often times your end state is not what you imagined, as there are always unpredictable obstacles and detours that alter your trek to the finish line. To help you recognize these interferences before you begin your journey, we have collaborated with the Gamestorming team to bring you this online game based on the well-known SWOT analysis strategy. The goal of the SWOT Analysis Game is to uncover how to attain your desired end state.

Clicking on this image will start an “instant play” game at innovationgames.com. Here, there will be four different icons that you can drag onto your online SWOT Analysis “game board” to capture your ideas:

  • Rocket ships represent opportunities – leads that you can focus your energy on
  • The fit person represents strengths – what you have going for you
  • The weak person represents weaknesses – anything that can be improved upon
  • Bombs represent threats – obstacles that you must surpass

The SWOT chart is divided into four quadrants for the four categories of thoughts.

All moves can be seen in real time by each participant, so everyone can collaborate to edit the ideas. Also, you can use the integrated chat facility to encourage the players to expand on their ideas and come up with fresh insights.

Key Points:
The SWOT Analysis Game allows you to predict the challenges that stand between the present and your desired destination, as well as see your advantages that can be used to overcome these obstacles. Rather than waiting to understand what should have been done in hindsight, take time to identify what you must do to attain your goal. The extensive collaboration involved can uncover blind spots and motivate deeper insights. Also, the spatial organization will allow you to understand specific factors that will be integral in your journey toward your target.