Timing: 1 hour

• Internet access

Players (5..8 recommended):
• Event leader
• Employees / team members or event attendees

The goal of this game, based on Nick Oostvogel’s Actions Centered, is to examine multiple aspects of an event in order to form original ideas on how it can be enhanced in the future. Clicking on this image will start an “instant play” game at innovationgames.com. Here, this image will be used as the “game board,” and there will be five different icons that players can drag onto the chart and describe to capture their ideas.

  • Puzzles: Questions for which you have no answer, represented by a question mark.
  • Risks: Future pitfalls that can endanger the project, represented by a bomb.
  • Appreciations: What you liked during the previous iteration, represented by a smiley face.
  • Wishes: Not improvements, but ideas of your ideal project, represented by a star.

The chart is divided into five quadrants for the five categories of thoughts.

All moves can be seen in real time by each participant, so everyone can collaborate to edit the ideas. Also, you can use the integrated chat facility to encourage the players to expand on their ideas and come up with fresh insights.

Key Points:
This unique strategy involves extensive teamwork and spatial organization, so your group can think differently about retrospectives and brainstorm changes for progress. Also, by writing thoughts down and working together, participants will be more comfortable providing ideas for how to improve the event rather than feeling as if they are criticizing past ideas. Play Actions for Retrospectives to reflect on the past in order to advance toward the future.