The Virtual Scrum values game allows you to play the Scrum Values Game with your team no matter where they are located. This game takes the traditional paper cards and replaces them with a updated virtual version of the game.

By using the same tools you use to do Stand Ups for your virtual teams you now have a tool to use in Retrospectives to help your team bond and normalize difficult to learn behaviors.


About 15 minutes


Link to game:

Internet Access for presenter, ability to display on a singe screen for co-located teams. For virtual teams, suggest meeting software such as (MS Teams, WebEx, etc.)


The virtual Scrum Team Roles game consist of five Scrum Values cards across the top of the screen.

On the left side are “Behavior Cards”.

Facilitate the game by having each team member read one of the “Behavior” cards and explain under which Scrum Value it belongs and why they believe the card should be placed there.

Facilitator drags and drops the card to the correct location under the Scrum Value selected above that best fits with the Behavior.

This game adds “Anti-Pattern” cards. These are behaviors we DON’T want to see on our Scrum team. These are black and white cards included in the “Behavior” card deck.

When the team reaches the Anti-Pattern cards, discuss why these behaviors inhibit the creation of high-performing teams.

Learning Points:

This game is intended to reinforce the Scrum Values.

Each “Behavior” card in the game is an opportunity for discussion with your team about what is expected from them. This conversation helps reinforce the expectations and norms on the team and works to bring the team closer together.

This exercise can be used with teams new to Agile or with teams that need a refresher on the expectations on what is expected from them.

Link to Game:


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Virtual Scrum Values by Doug Husovsky, Rich Stewart, Jeff Schlaver is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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Changes made by:

  • Rich Stewart
  • Doug Husovsky
  • Jeff Schlaver

This game has been modified from the work by Julio Oliveira noted below. Original Game and information:

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SCRUM Values & Roles Card Game by Julio Oliveira is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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