This game is based on the “SAFE-BOLD Framework” diagram described in the book The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation, written by Corporate Executive Board’s Executive Director Matthew Dixon and Managing Director Brent Adamson.

Timing: 1 hour

  • Online access
  • A product
  • Potential customers

Players (5..8 recommended):

  • Product Manager / Product Owner
  • Marketing Team
  • Sales Team


Play SAFE-BOLD Framework to develop a compelling pitch that teaches customers how your product can solve problems and improve their lives. Clicking on the image above will start an “instant play” game at; simply email the game link to your team to invite them to play. In the game, the image to the right will be used as the “game board.” The chart organizes ideas based on 4 scales.

Scale 1: Scale

  • Left – “Small” = ideas that do not make customers curious or intrigued; customers have probably already thought of these
  • Right – “Big” = ideas that customers see as far-reaching

Scale 2: Risk

  • Left – “Achievable” = ideas that are not risky
  • Right – “Outperforming” = ideas that are risky and innovative, push customers out of their comfort zone, and show that you can help them get ahead of their competitors

Scale 3: Innovativeness

  • Left – “Following” = ideas that are used, dull, not innovative
  • Right – “Leading-Edge” = ideas that ask customers to take a risk by adopting your ideas

Scale 4: Difficulty

  • Left – “Easy” = ideas that customers can implement without your help
  • Right – “Difficult” = ideas that are hard for customers to implement, so they will have to hire your company to help them

You will see note card icons in the upper left corner of the chart, which represent team members’ ideas. Simply drag a note card to the area you are thinking of and describe what the icon represents. Players can edit the placement and description of each note card, which everyone can view in real time. Use the integrated chat facility and communicate with your players throughout the game to get a better understanding of each move.

Key Points:
The visual organization and simple scales of SAFE-BOLD Framework provide the organization needed to effectively brainstorm sharp ideas that will teach your customers of a new problem, be tailored to their business needs, and allow reps to control the sales situation to change customers’ thought processes and behaviors. By developing a provocative Commercial Teaching pitch that is big, risky, innovative, and difficult to implement, you can demonstrate your knowledge of your customers’ problems and provide a unique solution while separating yourself from your competitors.