Experience the power of letting go, how it feels like to trust and to focus on someone who is relying on you.

min # of participants: 8
max #: unlimited
length: depending on number of participants, ca. 20-30min (incl.debrief)
materials needed: large room


  • form quadruples or groups of five for larger groups, form circles
  • invite volunteer to become the first “egg” and enter the circle, rest of group becomes the “shell”
  • members of the shell reach out and hold hands
  • invite egg to close eyes
  • the shell takes care of the “egg” who may start to walk (with closed eyes) in any direction at any speed it wants by moving with it, shielding the egg from any possible collision with any obstacle
  • if there is is a collision likely, the shell – still holding hands – gently touches the egg indicating that there is an obstacle
  • after two minutes or so, invite groups to change and let someone else volunteer to become the egg

Exercise has best results when enjoyed in silence.


Debrief questions:

  • How was it like as an egg?
  • How did it feel like?
  • How was it as a part of the shell?
  • How did it feel like?
  • As a shell, did you observe any differences in the movement of different eggs?

Usually quite good discussions start of which often touch

  • Trust and different trust levels / diversity within teams
  • Letting-go
  • Focus & responsibility
  • Ownership
  • Taking care of someone


I picked up that game at play4agile 2019 – forgot the name of the session host, though (sorry!). If you are aware of the original source, please comment below!

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