Agile Telephone Pictionary Game


Each player gets a stack of index cards and a sharpie or pen. Each stack should contain the number of cards equal to the number of players.  (e.g. 10 players each get a stack of 10 cards – 100 cards total)


Each player should write a phrase on the top card representing an agile value, principle, practice, or other related concept.

Without discussion, pass your stack to the person on your left (clockwise).    Read the phrase then move it to the bottom of the stack and draw a picture (no words or numbers) representing the phrase.

When all pictures are complete, pass the stack to your left.  View the picture and try to guess the phrase.   Move the card with the picture to bottom of the stack and write the phrase on the top card.

Play continues, alternating between “write the phrase” and “draw a picture” until your original stack is returned to you.

Have each player show us each of the cards in their stack in order.  This can be quite humorous when it pivots to a completely different concept than written on the original card.


To ensure a unique list of phrases/topics, the instructor can create the top card on each of the stacks, and play begins with each player drawing the phrase they were provided.  The remainder of the game continues as described above.


  • Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools
  • Self-organizing teams
  • Delivery working product increments frequently
  • Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation
  • Kanban board
  • Product Owner
  • etc