Timing: 1 hour


This short exercise is intended to give participants a feel for populating an X-Matrix, without the need to have a shared context, and without having to disclose confidential knowledge about their organisations. It consists of a pre-defined and generic set of “pieces” with which to populate the various X-Matrix sections, deciding which pieces should go where, and how they fit together.

The “jigsaw pieces” with which to populate the X-Matrix, are provided to bootstrap the process and speed up early discussions about what should go where. They are not intended to be used to create an X-Matrix for an actual organisation.

Learning Points:

The following points usually come out:

  • There is no single right answer. Each X-Matrix is usually different with the same pieces being in different sections.
  • This makes the process more difficult than people expect as they discuss their different opinions and perspectives.
  • This leads to rich conversations as assumptions and experiences are explored, leading to stronger understanding and alignment.
  • The correlations in particular are where surprising insights are to be had.

Link to Game: http://availagility.co.uk/resources/games/x-matrix-jigsaw-puzzle/