Word at a Time Letter

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Timing: 15 mins


  • Stop Watch


Have participants pair up and sit side by side so they’re both facing the same direction. Decide who will be partner A and who will be partner B.

Tell them to write a letter together, one word at a time. Partner A starts with the word “Dear.” Partner B follows with the name of the recipient.” Continue until they have completed writing the letter to the recipient. If they finish the first letter before you call time, have them start another one and continue until notified to stop.

Learning Points:

  • Agile development embraces uncertainty and the unknown. The emotional experience of not knowing what is next is intended to quickly emulate the feeling and to setup a discussion about it.

CREDIT: Agile Educator’s Toolkit (v1.7), Kert D. Peterson, Enterprise Agile Group, LLC

Posted by Mike

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  • Jim Buckley Barrett %d 21UTC %B 21UTC %Y às %H:%M 03Sun, 21 Oct 2018 03:43:26 +000026.


    I presume they don’t decide on the topic of the letter to start with?

    Also I presume no talking between A and B?


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