Witches Cooking Reunion

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The “Witches Cooking Reunion” is a fun game that encourages teams to collaborate, communicate and pay attention to detail. The game tells the story of a group of witches that were invited to a “Cooking Reunion” in a castle far away.

All the witches start their journey to the castle with all the required ingredients for the “Cooking Reunion” which are collected from an “Enchanted box”.

The idea is to get to the Castle” with all the ingredients. Off course the more witches arrive in the castle with all ingredients the better.

Important note: No special powers are allowed.


  • Preparation (setting the room +  provide instructions): 5 minutes.
  • Running game: 25 minutes.
  •  Debrief 10 minutes.


  • A room with enough capacity for all players.
  • Environments: Two Tables or more –  (maximum 6 people per table).
  • Tools per table: 1 Game Board,  1 Token per player, 1 Dice (pyramid shape),  1 Record-Table per player, 1  Translation page.


  • Players “Kick off” the game from “Start” location on the board.
  • Each player represents a “Witch” in a team of “Witches” attending to a cooking class.
  • Each  “Witch” owns a Token that represents a player.
  • Each ”Witch” will have to roll a dice to move forward. One roll equivalent to one turn.
  • After rolling the dice the “Witch” will move through the board as many positions as the number indicated on the dice.
  • Some locations in the board will show a “Special Card” with a metaphor. Reach out to the “Translation page” and follow instructions to know what to do.
  • Across the path in the board, a “Witch” may lose some ingredients – use the “Record Table” to register a real status of how many ingredients the “Witch” has.
  • The game finishes for the ”Witch” when “End” location has been reached – Witch arrives at the castle with all “ingredients”.
  • The best team will be the one with more “Witches” in the castle.
  • Insist that the “Translation Page” should be read like a legal document (if something is not mentioned in the “Translation Page” then is not true).

Learning Points:

  • Attention to detail: Players need to careful reading the meaning of the “Special Cards”. Similar to real-life projects, understanding the requirements is vital to understand to achieve our goals. Some players tend to misinterpret instructions and hence fail.
  • Collaboration: Some players will use the special card with the “Magic Wand” to help themselves ignoring the other members. “Magic Wand” will allow you to restore missing ingredients. In the rush of the game, some players just want to get to the castle and ignore the other players in trouble. (See “Translation page”).
  • Collaboration: Teams with the opportunity to use the “Magic Wand” to help their peers will do better at the end. Remember the best team is the one with more “Witches” with all ingredients in the “Castle”).
  • Communication: If players discuss the meaning of the cards between them, they will have a better chance to successfully avoid poor interpretation of the instructions.

Printable Material (Ready to be used):

  • Board: Find the printable board here : WitchesBoard  (recommendable size – Tabloid 11 x17  in) – Color.
  • Tokens: Set_Of_Token (recommendable size – Letter) – Color.
  • Dice: pyramid shape is recommended.
  • Record-Table: Record-Table - (recommendable size – Letter).
  • Translation page: Translation-Page -  (recommendable size – Letter)- Color.
  • Rules Page: Rules
  • Ingredients: Ingredients List of ingredients the “Witch” carries.
  • Extra: Extra



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3 Responses to "Witches Cooking Reunion"
  • Savita Pahuja January 7, 2019 at 2:29 pm

    This is an awesome game. I tried this in one of the sessions and participants loved it.

    Thanks Mariete for sharing :)

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  • Mariete Sequera Hernandez January 16, 2019 at 8:25 am

    Thank you Savita!…I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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  • mariete.sequerahernandez@scotiabank.com January 16, 2019 at 11:57 am

    This is a great game thank you for sharing.

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