The Scale Agile simulator is accessible on our site:

The Scale Agile simulator allows you to play a team of 2-5 people at once. It demonstrates the problems of sharing resources, bottlenecks, picking people up, prioritizing and responding to opportunities.

The goal of the players is to deliver tasks of the highest value within a given number of sprints. In addition to individual effectiveness, group effectiveness is also measured.

Players assign resources to their tasks from a predetermined common pool. For the greatest productivity, they should consider their color-coded competencies.

Every now and then, a task of exceptionally high value appears on the board. This is to encourage players to respond to changes in customer needs.

Then click start game. The game is played in days and sprints. Time automatically stops at the end of each sprint. Then the players have a chance to agree on a resource sharing strategy. During a given sprint, time flies automatically, although players can reassign people on the fly.

The simulator draws two graphs on an ongoing basis. The first shows the value of tasks provided by the player individually, and the second the value provided by all players participating in the session. Additionally players can see their velocity counted in number of tasks completed per sprint, and the velocity for all players.

At the end of the game, a summary is generated in which the performance of the players is assessed.

The simulation offers screen for a trainer to establish session with participants, and sprint limit.

The simulator is available in English and Polish.