Please consider this a version 1.0 as it was developed during #play4agile 2021 as a collective effort by floret Adria based of Tangam. Members:
Srđan Pavlović, Josipa Borić-Novosel, Ana Pegan,
Miloš Zeković, Mihailo Milivojević, Milena Nikolić
and myself Bogdan Doroslovac.


1. Define the common goal by using the tangram elements to build out joint visual representation of it (creating one picture together).
2. Debrief about the understanding of the visual representation of the common goal and align on the goal.
3. Step into individual workspaces to do the silent ideation by answering the questions within each step from the personal point of view.
4. Once the individual work is done, each player has gone through all the questions, they should copy-paste the visual representation of their individual goals into the COMMON GOAL space.
5. Each of the players should present what their personal goal represents and what they’re bringing to support a common goal using metaphors.
6. Let the team create a story that includes all the metaphors from all the players. It will also help each player understand their individual contribution to the common goal.
7. Arrange elements representing personal goals into a joint picture to better illustrate the story team has created.

Mural Template