Fearless Journey – the game that gets your team UnStuck

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Recommended / before the game:
team-building, creating a shared vision.

Play the game:
one hour, including prep and debrief
(The first time this will be too short, but it’s enough to get started and get some value. Add a half hour the first time if you want to play to the end)

Optional / after the game:
an action-planning activity, as you would do at the end of a retrospective.


  • This card game highlights your Team’s hard-to-reach Big Goal.
  • Players write cards with Obstacles outside their control, stopping them from reaching the Goal.
  • Then together they use Fearless Change++ patterns to design influence Strategies to go over, around & thru obstacles respectfully & boldly.

++ game uses the 48 patterns from the book Fearless Change (c) (Manns & Rising) used with permission

Conceived by a group at Play4Agile 2011 and designed by Deborah & Ilja Preuss. Download and use it FREE of charge, under a CreativeCommons 3.0 license

Learning Points:

  • Shift a group from “but we can’t…” to “but we could try…”
  • This is a gut-level shift, and comes simply from putting objections aside for an hour and playing a “yes-and” game with real obstacles. Typically, optimism increases, mood lightens. Can also teach consensus decision making (using thumb-voting, for example), collaboration and appreciation.

* Note: the game is designed for **a real team**, not just a group. To play with a non-team, add time and facilitation to help them find common interests and a common goal. In this case, roleplaying may be required by some to form a “team”.

Discussion and facilitation guidance:
See download site for game instructions, link to public feedback document and contact form.

Link to Game:


FearlessJourney_v1.0_WhereToGetTheGame.pdf (406 KB)

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