<span class="lt-line-clamp__raw-line">I'm Hari, a guy passionate about helping people work better together and create really strong teams.</span>

There are 3 projects that are close to my ♥️. They all follow the belief that learning should be interesting and useful at the same time.

? <strong>SoftSkillsPills</strong> (<a href="https://softskillspills.com/?utm_source=tastycupcakes&utm_medium=profile">softskillspills.com</a>) is a soft skills platform for IT people where you play to learn. A great resource to improve your leadership and communication skills.

?️ <strong>#ALeadersTale</strong> - a webcomic about leadership that explores our everyday struggles when leading and working with other people. The webcomic was featured <a href="https://www.boredpanda.com/comics-about-leadership-haralambi-haralambiev/">on Bored Panda</a> ?.

? <strong>Tochka 2</strong> (<a href="http://tochka2.com">tochka2.com</a>). After more than 10 years in the software development industry, in 2016, I co-founded the company to focus on soft skills for IT people. We use interactive games and learn-through-play approach. We make our training sessions a safe environment for people to experiment and make mistakes, to bring awareness and to practice.
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