With SimAgile, you can role-play a Scrum Master in a dynamic virtual agile team environment. Experience the Scrum ceremonies from sprint planning, daily standups, backlog refinements, demo, and retrospectives. Be presented with challenging team dynamics and coaching opportunities that simulate real-life agile team problems and opportunities for growth. Guide, coach, and lead your virtual agile team to deliver a minimal viable product.

Here is a short 2-minute video introduction for SimAgile.

Trainers can request a brief demo here.

Created by www.simulationpl.com

2 thoughts on “SimAgile – a real-life Scrum Simulation”

  1. Am i correct in understading from the video that in the simulation a Scrum Master learns how to prioritize backlog and assign tasks? To me it sounds like micromanagement 😉 Scrum Master should know the techniques that will help him/her working with PO on Product Backlog but should it be a Scrum Master managing the backlog? Hmm, as a Scrum Master I have some doubts on how close that simulation to actual Scrum is…

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