(English) User Stories vs Requirements

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(English) User Stories vs Requirements, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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5 Responses to "(English) User Stories vs Requirements"
  • Nick Zdunic Декабрь 1, 2014 в 10:04 пп

    Yes it’s a popular game. Sometimes it can feel like the result is obvious or self evident so why play it. That can put a dampener on the result. Be careful on how it’s presented with out too much leading. Most groups get it though even though it seems obvious. A common refrain nonetheless, but not evident until it’s played or maybe not spoken about openly – I know this dichotomy exists.

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  • Nick Zdunic Декабрь 1, 2014 в 10:05 пп

    Yes – you cover it also in point 5 of the observations :)

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  • Carl Hubbers Декабрь 7, 2015 в 8:22 пп

    Links to product pages broken 8 Dec 2015.

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  • Rafał Март 7, 2016 в 1:09 пп

    I organized this short game during my Agile workshop three times this year (2016). I got very positive feedback. The game is easy to organize. Great fun for students and great conclusions. Works really well as an introduction to User Stories.

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  • Brian Dreyer Июнь 28, 2017 в 3:28 пп

    This is a gem… it worked great at about 10:00am of a 1 day workshop and a great way to take a controlled break.

    The results on round 1 were as described… The 2nd round was terrific, a real eye-opener for everyone and a big hit.

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