MyToy : An Agile Product Development Game

Timing: 2 to 3 hours Overview: An Agile product development simulation game with LEGO®, Scrum, story maps, experiments, etc. This game tries to cover an entire product development process, the Agile way, and is designed for a single team of 4 to 6 people. The team will build a story map and decide on experiments to make at each sprint in order to build the most suitable…

Fellowship Of The Goal – Gamify The Cardwall

Gamification can lead to higher levels of collaboration and engagement with teams. On many occasions, I’ve come across prescriptive workflows which completely disengage teams and those teams don’t challenge the tools or process they inherit. Gamification and customisation helps teams care and take ownership of their system and workflow to help the team unite behind common goals and have fun with their workflow. This game…

Pocket-sized PrinciplesPrincípio de BolsoPrincipios de Bolsillo

This is a great exercise to better communicate the twelve principles behind the Agile Manifesto. In their existing form, it is challenging for people to read and understand each principle and, just as importantly, to easily refer to them later.Esse é um bom exercicio para comunicar melhor os 12 principios do Manifesto Agil. Na sua forma original, é desafiador para as pessoas lerem e comunicarem os principios.Este es un bueno ejercicio para comunicar mejor los 12 principios del Manifesto Agil. En su forma original, es un desafio para que las personas los leyan y comprendanlos cada uno asi como es dificil comunicarlos.

Question GameO Jogo das PerguntasEl Juego de las PreguntasИгра в Вопросы

The Question Game is a classroom exercise for reinforcing concepts.Esse jogo de perguntas é um exercício de sala de aula para reforçar conceitos.The Question Game is a classroom exercise for reinforcing concepts.Игра в Вопросы – это веселый и соревновательный способ изучения материала.