Estimation Game - Cup of Tea

Estimation Game – Cup of Tea

Play this estimation game with your team at the start of your next planning session. Get everyone to estimate making a cup of tea and then ask them the where, who, what questions. Recognise the similarities and differences, what assumptions did you make? Consider how this might apply to your own scenario and the estimations you are about to make, or review. Use it to…

Being Agile - Retro Sailboat Game

Retrospective Sailing

Retrospective Sailing Short Guide 1. Draw Boat2. Name your boat/ agree topic3. Mission?4. Add Sails – well?5. Add Anchors – better?6. Scale Sails 1 to 107. Scale Anchors -1 to -108. +1 actions to raise sails/anchors9. Agree actions to take forward More information and guidance

Acts of Leadersheep

Summary share personal stories of your leadership experiences, inspire your team and help each other to move closer together Exercise Goal exchange experiences, reflect, give and receive feedback, and train acts of leadership How many players? 6 – 20 people, e.g. Agile team, leadership team, leadership training group. Duration 1 – 2 hours Instructions Material & Preparation Act-of-Leadersheep-Cards Get your card deck (*soon to come*)…