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Translation ProjectTranslation ProjectTranslation Project

Back in the spring of 2010, I was speaking at the Agile Games 2010 conference in Boston. I met a fellow there by the name of Heitor Filho from Brazil. I mentioned that we actually have a lot of people visiting from South America and have had many great game submissions from people living there. Heitor suggested that he might know some people who would be willing to volunteer their time to  translate the game content on TastyCupcakes into Brazillian Portuguese and Spanish. Less than a year has passed now and the project is complete, is now trilingual and accessible to more of our friends in South America.  A huge thank you to the whole team who volunteered their time to this project. The names and photos of the team are below.

Spanish translators

Juan Gabardini

Juan Gabardini has more than 20 years of experience in IT management, IT product development, teaching and consulting in financial services, retail, telecommunications, medical equipment and manufacturing sectors.
Juan is currently focused on testing, coaching on Agile Dev, and building an Argentinian and Latam Agile community (Agile Open Tour and Ágiles 200x).
Juan is a member of IEEE, Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance, and holds degrees in System Analysis and Electronic Engineering from the Buenos Aires University, where he also is teaching. You can find him (in Spanish) in and

Gustavo Cebrian-Garcia

Gustavo Cebrian-Garcia has a degree in Computer Science Engineer. He gratuated in Madrid – Spain. Gustavo has a vast international experience, in countries like Belgium and UK. He started working as a profesional in the whole Software Development Life Cycle in 1998 and he is a Software Process Improvement Mentor since 2003.
He is Certified Scrum Master and participates actively in the the Scrumalliance and other several international forums.
Gustavo has helped big companies (like Yell Group-Yellos Pages Business) and small companies with great ideas (like GreenHat) to improve their software processes with Agile/Lean practices. Gustavo works and teaches practices aligning them with the business and the key aspects (Risks, Benefits, Costs, Scope, Timescales, Quality). Also, Gustavo helps teams to work on Strategic level and Portfolio level.

Adrian Eidelman

Adrian Eidelman

Adrian is co-founder of Kinetica Solutions, software development company based in Argentina, where he has been working with agile practices for several years. He has also been working in the IT industry for more than 10 years and he´s an active member of the agile community in Argentina and Latin America.

Carlos Eduardo Jerez Paz

Carlos Eduardo Perez Paz

Carlos Eduardo Jerez Paz és Father, Rugbier,  Rock Lover,  C#-er, PHP-er,  Software Designer, Agile Enthusiast n´ Certified Scrum Master.

Portuguese translators

Rafael Fuchs

Rafael FuchsRafael Fuchs trabalha com desenvolvimento de software há 12 anos, atuando como desenvolvedor, analista de sistemas, líder de equipes, gerente de projetos em projetos nacionais e internacionais, além de ser um grande entusiasta dos métodos ágeis. Trabalha principalmente com Java e tem muita experiência em PHP. Se formou em Ciência da Computação pela UFRGS, é MBA em Gerenciamento de Projetos pela FGV e tem certificação PMP. Participa da comunidade Ágil e também de gerenciamento de projetos. Atualmente também toca projetos pessoais como os sites http://linka.cc
Rafael Fuchs has been working with software development for 12 years, acting as developer, system analyst, team leader and project manager in national and international projects, being a great Agile enthusiastic. Works mainly with Java and has a large experience with PHP. Graduated in Computer Science at UFRGS, MBA in Project Management and PMP Certified. Participates in the agile and project management communities. Currently also working on personal projects, like and

Marcelo de Freitas Andrade

Marcelo de Freitas Andrade é Bacharel em Ciência da Computação (CESUPA),
com especialização em Desenvolvimento de Aplicações para Internet e
mestrando em Engenharia de Software (UFPA), com especial interesse em
teste de software.  É Certified Scrum Master e programador com mais de 10 anos
de experiência principalmente em Java e PHP.  Também é o principal colaborador
em português do cookbook do framework CakePHP.  Atualmente trabalha no
setor governamental, disseminando metodologias ágeis regionalmente junto
a várias comunidades de usuários.
Marcelo de Freitas Andrade is a Computer Science Bachelor (CESUPA) in Belem
– Amazonia – Brazil, mastering in Software Engineering (UFPA), with special
interest in software testing.  He is a Certified Scrum Master and a
developer with
more than 10 years of experience mainly with Java and PHP.  He is also the main
pt-br contributor of online CakePHP’s cookbook.  Actually, he works in
industry, spreading agile methodologies with the local tech user communities.

Pâmela Gatinho

Pâmela Gatinho é Bacharel em Ciência da Computação (CESUPA), com especialização em Análise de Sistemas (UFPA). Trabalha desde 2005 na área de desenvolvimento de software. Atualmente trabalha como Engenheira de Software desenvolvendo soluções em JAVA e utilizando práticas ágeis. Também é entusiasta Ruby e está iniciando alguns projetos com essa tecnologia. É Certified Scrum Master (CSM) da Scrum Alliance e participa ativamente da comunidade de tecnologia da região, ajudando a promover a cultura ágil e livre.
Pamela Gatinho has a degree in Computer Science, gratuated in Belém – Pará – Brazil, and has a pos graduation in Systems Analysis (UFPA). Works since 2005 with software development. Currently works as Software Engineer, developing solutions in Java and using agile practices. Is also a Ruby enthusiastic and is starting-up some projects with this technology. It’s Certified Scrum Master (CSM – Scrum Alliance) and participates actively in the technology community in the Brazil North Region, helping promote the agile and free culture.

Danilo Correia Ruziska

Danilo Correia Ruziska is a 5-year experienced software developer, focused on .NET platform, Silverlight, XNA and web development (Javascript, XML, HTML, CSS) . He’s also an agile enthusiast, learning, spreading and improving the general knowledge about the benefits of Scrum. He is the co-founder of Falaí, Geek?! blog/twitter (@falaigeek) profile, which he writes about geek and tech news.

Heitor Roriz Filho

Heitor is a passionate for Agile and Scrum. He truly believes Agile can change the way we work achieving excellence levels of precision and performance. He is very interested in Agile Leadership and Agile Project Management as levers of improving our ways of work.


Agile Coach and Trainer @ Massimus

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