share personal stories of your leadership experiences, inspire your team and help each other to move closer together

Exercise Goal

exchange experiences, reflect, give and receive feedback, and train acts of leadership

How many players?

6 – 20 people, e.g. Agile team, leadership team, leadership training group.


1 – 2 hours


Material & Preparation

Act-of-Leadersheep-Cards Get your card deck (*soon to come*) or write your own cards, e.g.



Have pens and sticky notes for all players.

Game Goal

to bring the circle as close together as possible (and comfortable)

How to play?

All participants sit in a large circle.

A volunteer dares to stand up, draws an Leadersheep-Challenge-Card and shares a story how they showed an according act of leadership in the past.

[Timekeeping by facilitator or self organized: approximately 30 seconds of thinking, 90 seconds of sharing]

Others reflect about the story and the impact on their thoughts and insights about leadership. They are invited to sketch and write a Leadersheep-Appreciation-Card. Taking turns, they step up to the voluntary speaker and give appreciative feedback while handing over the card.

Group is asked if this example helped them progress as a team and (non-verbally) decides on moving their seats accordingly towards the middle of their circle.

Next volunteer draws a Leadersheep-Challenge-Card.


Thank you for bringing in ideas, playful times and valuable feedback:

Pete Rössler, Glen Waters, Ellen Grove, Olaf Bublitz, Wael, Sascha, Thorsten Glöckner, Silvana Wasitova, Dov, Stephan, … and all participants at Play4Agile22!


Christian Methfessel

Anja Stiedl