An introduction for a retrospective or workshop, this intro seeks to get individuals to mark on a change curve model where they are, talk about it and then where they would like to be.


  • The team understands where each other are on the change journey
  • Get the team energized to talk for the next part of the session, generating ideas
  • Get a different conversation going


Copy the below change curve of choice onto a virtual whiteboard before the session.

1. Introduce the change curve, and ask each person to place a mark either with a post it or draw a mark.

2. Ask the participants to make a mark where they would like to be

3. Invite people to tell you about why they have placed the mark in that place on the change curve.

4. Allow the team to discuss and reflect

I prefer to use the Virginia Satir change curve to ask where people think the team are on the change curve.