Duration & Size: Under 15 mins. Can be used with large crowds too.

Objctive: To sharpen listening skills of people and empathise with listeners who have to listen to people talking over each other. Plus any other learnings. It does energise the room.


Materials: Group of people


Approach: Form groups of 3-5. Ask each group to have two people speak at same time without interruption about some random topic . For instance, describe what you notice in your suburb, what you liked about your childhood school, how was your recent holiday, your mum’s best food recepies and so on.

Let people speak while the rest are listening for 30 seconds. Ask the listeners to repeat all the information they heard.


Insights: Ask them what they observed in this exercise. People will learn what they need to . We don’t need to guide much here.


Repeat with different speakers if you want. Oh I dissent invent this game. Not sure who did it. I thought I should post it here as people seem to like it. Claim it as yours if it is yours.