This idea originates with Thiagi’s exercise “More Interesting”

  1. Divide group into at least 3 groups of 3 or more participants.
  2. Each person writes a basic story on one side of an index card
  3. Place a 4 digit identifier in upper corner (phone, extension, SS#, b-day)
  4. Each group passes all cards to next group
  5. Members in the 2nd group takes a card and rewrites the story on a new blank card to make it “more meaningful” adding details & acceptance criteria, their own 4 digit code, and paper clipping the two cards together, face to face
  6. Passes to next group who scores each card sharing 100 points, i.e. 60/40, 90/10
  7. Return cards to first group and to original author
  8. Review cards silently, then debrief.
  • What was interesting about this?
  • Do you agree with the scoring?
  • How might you use these insights?

One thought on “More Meaningful Stories

  1. Just tried this with 13 people, it was ok… not great BUT these 13 don’t work together, I think this would work best with teams that work together on a product.

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