Timing: This game is normally done in a forty-five minute time block: 5 minutes upfront for instructions, 10 minutes for the game, 5-10 minutes for the team reflection and 20 minutes for the debrief.


The Scrumheads game is a quick game to practice the Daily Scrum activity in a safe to fail environment where constraints have been setup to result in a challenging Daily Scrum to facilitate as a Scrum Master. Built somewhat like the ‘Celebrity Heads’ game, participants are aware of what their behavioural persona is, but it is not shared with the rest of the group. The aim of the game is to get through the Daily Scrum in 10 minutes and determine the persona that each person is representing. The game is run once with an additional component at the end to retrospect and discover the personas.

Learning Points:

The importance of:

  • Asking the three questions
  • Touching the cards
  • Not directing responses to the Scrum Master
  • Speaking clearly and loudly
  • How to handle interruptions to the flow
  • How to offline long conversations
  • Watching the ‘Ready for’ columns
  • Asking noisy bystanders to leave
  • How to handle urgent change

Link to Game: http://www.unbounddna.com/resources/agile-games/scrumheads/

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