Timing: 45 mins


The Project Snapper game is a quick 45 minute game to realise the value of establishing firm acceptance criteria and the importance of having everyone who is part of the team part of the Inception activity, however this can be used to introduce the simple concepts of Scrum such as Sprints, Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives. Using an instruction guide an origami snapper, teams are encourage to build the snapper and modify it so that it meets the requirements output from Inception.

The aim of the game is to build twenty snappers in two Sprints. This game is normally done in a forty-five minute time block: 5 minutes upfront for instructions, 30 minutes for two Sprints and 10 minutes for debrief.

Learning Points:

  • The value of having everyone at Inception to establish a shared and common understanding
  • The value in reducing rework through having a good understanding of acceptance criteria upfront
  • The ‘feel’ of Sprints – planning, delivery, review and retrospection
  • The best way of knowing delivery date to MVP is through assessing throughput and not an upfront plan
  • Focus on technical risk first then business value
  • The value of clearly understood upfront prioritisation

Link to Game: http://www.unbounddna.com/resources/agile-games/project-snapper-an-inception-value-realisation-game/