15-20 minutes


Whiteboard, Marker, Post-its, pens

Learning Points:

Help people visualise on  how global and local problems can be interconnected -or woven together-, its impact, amplitude and magnification through different departments and how a shared goal can be compromised. The game also help participants to have a unify point of view, independently from their range in the hierarchy.
It is really useful when you have people from different backgrounds and areas who share a common set of issues.
I used this game to make employees aware of waste and how it can affect them all in a way or another.


Explain the participants that a movie called “A day in the perfect company” will be played. Next draw a projector on the left hand side and a screen on the right, including the projection lines as shown in the picture 1.


1st part
Briefly discuss about the topic (i.e. waste) and then ask people to write on a post-it some related problems, for example, a list of processes that do not add real value to the product; one per post-it (i.e. creation of specific documents, unnecessary processes, conflicts or anything else which is blocking them from getting more value).

Once done it, allow 3 minutes for them to find a person who has a similar element and ask them to keep just 1.
It is very important that this section is utilised to discuss the problem but not the solution.

2nd part
2 minutes should be given to approach the whiteboard and carry out one or many of the following actions:

1. Paste the post-it in the projection area left, centre, or right.
2. If the element is attached to the left (near the projector), it indicates that a bigger shadow will be produced (affects more areas in the company or processes/departments).
3. If the element is attached to the right, its shadow will be smaller, indicating a smaller implication.
4. Elements in the same vertical line will produce the same shadow, indicating a similar level of influence.
5. Any person can move any other post-it to the left or to right as long as a reason is shared with its owner.

3rd part
Participants should take a seat and think on which percentage of the projection area is covered. It is also the right time to find an answer to some of the questions (examples).

Will the picture be crystal clear?
Did you consider all the elements before?
Have you thought about the impact or elements linked before?
What is related in here?

The moderator should then remove the closest post-it to the projector, read it aloud and ask the team to openly share an idea on how they think the issue is solved. This step should be repeated  4 to 5 times, encouraging the participants to share their ideas.


A post-it should be taken off the projection area if a solution is found or left it there if not.

4th part
After reached an agreement on the previous ideas, they should be written by the team in a large piece of paper, posted in a visible wall (corridor, etc) and left it there for a couple of days/weeks.

Repeat the whole activity soon to check the progress.

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  1. In the second part, step 4 – is it true that elements in the same vertical line will create the same shadow? Or should it be horizontal? I picture it as horizontal, but maybe I am missing something…

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