This game, originating from Thomas J. Buckholtz, helps organize practical and emotional aspects of your product or service, which can then be combined to create the most compelling pitch.

Timing: 1 hour

  • Internet access
  • A product or service

Players (5..8 recommended):

  • Product Manager
  • Promotional Team

Clicking on the image to the right will start an “instant play” game at You will see the image used as the “game board.” A yellow post-it icon will be in the upper left corner, which symbolizes the players’ ideas; team members add these ideas by simply dragging them to the appropriate region on the chart and describing what they represent. The matrix categorizes the notes based on their “Practical Appeal” (x-axis) and “Emotional Appeal” (y-axis). The goal is to create the most notes in the upper right (maximum logos and pathos). Everyone can view and edit the position of the post-its in real time, which optimizes collaboration among the players. The results are organized in a spreadsheet for you to analyze at the end of the game.

Key Points:
Just like brain lateralization — the right hemisphere controls imagination and feelings while the left side manages facts and details – creating a persuasive slogan or pitch requires a balance of both logic and emotion. By organizing ideas with 2 Brains: Tell It & Sell It, you can effectively identify how to achieve this combination in order to captivate your audience.