People always have ideas about how to improve meetings, conferences, business trips, etc., but these are often structured as complaints. The Plus/Delta game takes this negative feedback and transforms it into useful information.


Timing: 1 hour


  • Online access

Players (5..8 recommended):

  • Team/Event Leader
  • Team/Event Members


The goal of this online game is to collectively form constructive criticism to ensure successful future events. By clicking the Plus/Delta table at the right, you will be brought to an “instant game” at This image is used as the “game board” and the icons that appear at the upper left of the board will represent ideas about the activity.

  • Plus icons: positive aspects that should be repeated in the future
  • Delta icons: elements that should be changed to improve following events


As facilitator, instruct your players to record their constructive criticism under the designated columns. This is done by dragging a plus or delta sign to its respective side, and then naming and describing what the icon represents. The t-chart has been divided into three regions — high, medium, and low impact– to prioritize the observations. This extra organization helps you keep track of the most important ideas.

Take advantage of the integrated chat facility to communicate with your players about each move, which can be seen in real time!

Key Points:

This productive game turns negative comments into valuable information, and allows you to learn from the past in order to understand what can be improved for the future. Whether concluding a conference or analyzing the aspects of a product, this strategy is effective for any business, event, or service.


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