As some of you may have noticed, there have been few changes around here lately. As part of the TastyCupcakes community vision we have been working to improve the site to make the experience and content more accessible, useful and collaborative for the community.

To reflect our new vision and focus on community we have moved our site to a .org domain. Although a small and perhaps unnoticable change it does reflect to those of us in the community the real purpose of this site – to connect and enable professionals who are passionate about using games and experiential techniques and want to learn and share with others.

Another subtle change is our new tagline – Fuel for Invention and Learning. As the community grows we have recognized that there are a wide range of leading edge and forward thinking individuals and companies, leveraging game and experiential techniques to drive innovation, creativity and learning.

Other changes include the site itself, we have re-engineered the site to improve usability, appearance and performance . Our work is of course not done and we will continue to look for ways to improve the site for all of us.

As we continue to work on improving the site we also are focussed on building the community. We are looking for passionate and committed people to join us to  help grow and support the community.  If this is you please send us a note and let us know how you would like to help.

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