Learning Objective: Participants experience the attraction of short-term thinking and feel the long-term consequences.

When to use this game: Play this game to understand the importance of investment in sustainable development practices.

Time: 90-110 minutes


Have you been on a software project where each release gets harder and harder? Many projects fall into the tarpit of the Design Dead Core.

Why do nearly all software projects fail to balance short term choices with long term consequences?

Through game-play you will experience how hard it is to make effective choices. Game learnings will be tied into well-known models in and beyond software such as Technical Debt, Stephen Covey’s Production Capability and Cockburns theory of competing games.

Target Audience: Executives, Managers, Product Managers and team members

Game Credits: Michael Sahota and Alistair McKinnell

Game Details/Instructions: Please see full game post.