I (Michael Sahota) joined the Tasty Cupcakes team to make it easier for all of us to help each other find and share games to accelerate learning and do useful work. This is an open call for you to helpĀ fulfill the new Tasty Cupcakes Vision.

Are you a Game Designer?

Share your games on TastyCupakes.com (http://tjr.a54.mywebsitetransfer.com/game/) and get recognition and feedback from other users.

Are you a Game User?

Check if your favourite games are on TastyCupcakes and if they are not, add a reference to the game that has already been published elsewhere (http://tjr.a54.mywebsitetransfer.com/submit-game-reference/) so that you can help others can benefit.

Want to Help our Community?

If you are knowledgeable about WordPress, help make the site more functional for you and others.

If you are interested in editing and improving the content, consider volunteering your time as curator so that the content is clearer and more accessible to you and others.

Send us an email at mmccullough@me.com