Gameception / Abduction– The team game that creates itself!

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Rating: 4.7/5 (3 votes cast)
Gameception / Abduction– The team game that creates itself!, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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5 Responses to "Gameception / Abduction– The team game that creates itself!"
  • Prashant Deshmukh Август 7, 2017 в 3:56 пп

    I am a little bit confused here. Do we have to set the end goal before starting the game? Or, each quest card is a goal?


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  • Eddy Bruin Октябрь 20, 2017 в 6:30 дп

    Hi Prashant,

    The goal of the game is to finish a quest with 3 items.
    Each quest in itself is a mini game that is played each round. Hope that helps :)

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  • Udo Январь 4, 2018 в 12:21 пп

    I was one of the early beta-testers of Gameception during Play4Agile conference where the game was created and loved it.
    I was sceptical upfront whether a game can create itself but it really worked and to build new challenges was big fun.
    The idea is sheer genius!

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  • Cenk Erdil Январь 19, 2018 в 11:13 дп

    This sounds like a great idea, planning to use it in my software engineering course.

    Does anyone have example quests that worked well before?

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  • E. Bruin Февраль 20, 2018 в 5:07 дп

    Hi Cenk,
    Cool that you would like to pick this up. Gameception did have an upgrade in terms of flavouring which enables people to play it with a theme called Abduction. I’ll update the post accordingly.

    In the meantime let me give you some examples of quests that work well:

    o Create a new mini-quest with items in hand. Write down the quest on a blank card and shuffle it in the quest deck. This card has to be in there, but you would not like it to be the first. I often cheat by putting it in 3rd or 4th.
    • Build a Rocket with a pointy tip and a large base (Time: 2 spins)
    • Keep something spinning for at least 10 seconds (5 attempts)
    • Build a self-standing tower which is taller than the largest item drawn (Time: 2 spins)
    • Get 42 Points (Time: 1 spin) I found this quest to be very cool, because it can spin some great creativity. For a first quest though it is not very suitable since it gives groups to much freedom without experiencing the concept of the game first.
    • Narrate a story about what you did as a team today (No win/ lose condition)
    • Build a house of cards (1 story high) (Use the event cards. No items needed) (Time: 5 Spins)
    • Create a tune with the items in hand. Spit players in 2 teams. 1 group plays the tune. The other group needs to guesses the tune (3 guesses allowed) (See the video!)
    • Make at least 2 items move without touching them at the same time. (5 attempts)
    • Use item A to hit item B that hits item C. Each items is placed one foot length away from each other (3 attempts)
    • Place 2 items on top of a pen (Time: 2 spins)
    • Let an item stick after throwing it (5 throws)
    • Place item A at 2 meter distance. Throw any item in hand within a distance from the length of Item A. (3 throws)

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