(English) To Plan or Not To Plan

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(English) To Plan or Not To Plan, 4.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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5 Responses to "(English) To Plan or Not To Plan"
  • Richell Февраль 12, 2017 в 5:23 дп

    I’m not understanding how team two will know they are giving a presentation based on Jabberwocky. Do I tell them and allow them to use their laptops and phones to research, unlike team 1?

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  • Rob Denison Февраль 13, 2017 в 8:48 дп

    Give team two all the same instructions as team one, but instead of explicitly telling them to plan and waiting to reveal the poem, show it immediately. The can use their laptops for presentation purposes, if they choose to. My experience has been that team two does a less technical, but no less effective, presentation.

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  • Manuel Март 17, 2017 в 5:48 дп

    Hi Rob, thank you for your contribution on tastycupcakes.
    I had some question about your game.
    Activity 1, Team 2: After planning session you take away the instruction from Team?

    What is the Intention for the two activities?
    Do you wanna show up the difference between structured and unstructered planning?

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  • Srinivas Март 30, 2017 в 8:35 пп

    What is the main intention of this game? What do we want to prove?

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  • Rob Denison Июнь 14, 2018 в 8:09 дп

    The intention of this game is to highlight when and why planning is needed. By abstracting the planning process away from software development, hopefully the group can critically look at their own reactions during the game.

    The first activity requires planning because it is complex. If you don’t plan before jumping in there will be rework, confusion, or wasted effort. The second activity does not require planning because its basically a research task. Spending time polishing a presentation doesn’t add any value.

    Hopefully with a little coaching on your part, the teams can see the different types of activities they engage in, and where they should invest planning time.

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