(English) Balloon Animals

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(English) Balloon Animals, 2.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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3 Responses to "(English) Balloon Animals"
  • Jenny Brandpn Февраль 21, 2013 в 9:02 дп

    This was great fun to play with teams. I combined it with the paper airplanes game to illustrate the cost of context switching within a sprint.

    Start the pairs off with the balloon dog, let them run for a couple of minutes then stop them and give the customers the paper airplane instructions and tell them to build that instead, then switch back to the balloon dog after a minute or so.

    Much hilarity and more than a few parallels drawn with our previous sprint!

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  • Paul Goddard Февраль 21, 2013 в 9:46 дп

    Great variation Jenny!! Mixing two learning points into the one exercise – like it.

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  • Holly Donohue Январь 11, 2018 в 3:49 дп

    I played this as part of a workshop to introduce UX concepts. It took more like 45 mins or so but everyone loved it and it worked really well. Really got everyone in a positive mood. My one tip would be for the facilitator to make sure they are confident tying knots in the balloons as I had to help quite a lot of people doing this!

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