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  • Dice Of Debt

    Posted by Tom Grant on Март 21st, 2018

    Sorry, this entry is only available in English

  • The Fast and the Furious (and other Fs) retrospective activity

    Posted by Christo Martens on Январь 11th, 2018

    (English) Recently I lacked some inspiration for a good technique suitable for the upcoming retrospective. As the team was growing in their agile way of working, I decided to leave it to the team to come up with a nice activity. I was very surprised with the outcome. A brand new activity which we called the Fast and the Furious (and other Fs).
    This activity’s goal is to gather information about the sprint.

  • (English) Core Scrum Game

    Posted by John Miller on Декабрь 14th, 2017

    (English) An interactive and collaborative card sorting activity to learn the differences between «Core Scrum» or «Supportive Practices», and what is «Not Scrum». Useful for a pre-assessment, review, and learning about Scrum. It is also useful in debunking common misperceptions around Scrum.

  • (English) The Core Beliefs of Waterfall, Agile and Lean

    Posted by Aleem Khan on Октябрь 30th, 2017

    (English) This learning activity does not only improve the basic knowledge of Waterfall, Agile and Lean but also help participants to identify the differences between each belief system.

  • zatonuvshiye ostrova

    Posted by Jaap Dekkinga on Октябрь 27th, 2017

    (English) Prioritize a list of backlog items (ideas/features/projects/tasks) and manage WIP by saving and sinking islands in this fun and active game.


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