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Submit Your Game Below

To help keep the game format consistent, please review the template provided below and use it when submitting your game.

We are very excited that you are joining the community and will be contributing a new game or adding a game located on another website (a game reference).  If you haven’t registered yet, please register now and join the community.

Add a Game

The way to add a game is by adding a post in WordPress.

WordPress Features

We are using WordPress to give you the following features:

  1. Ability to create a draft of a game so you can edit and publish later.
  2. WYSIWIG editor so you don’t have to deal with html unless you really want to.
  3. Ability to embed images and video in your game description. This will help get your game the attention it deserves.

Important tips

Before you get started, there are a few important details that we would like to share to avoid common pitfalls (since our setup is not perfect yet):
  1. We suggest you use the appropriate game template below. (Hint: just cut and paste it).
  2. Excerpt – this is below the main editing section and is used to create a hand crafted summary of your game that people people will see on the home page. Although it is optional, it is highly recommended.
  3. Categories (on right nav) – please check off all the apply to your post
  4. Tags (on right nav) – please select all the tags that apply by clicking on “Choose from the most used tags”. Of course you can add your own, but this is fast and easy.
  5. Video coming soon.

Game template

Timing: Expected time to run game including prep and debrief


Tools, supplies and environment


How to run the game

Learning Points:

Discussion and facilitation guidance

Game Reference template

Timing: Expected time to run game including prep and debrief


Overview of the game

Learning Points:

Discussion and facilitation guidance

Link to Game: url

Useful links

The Old Way (deprecated)

If you prefer not to join but would still like to submit your game or reference to a game, you can use the form below. It will only allow text submissions. You also will not be able to make corrections or improvements to your game once it has been posted. Again, we really suggest you join and use the rich content editor  and other features available only to members.

Please submit your game in the using the appropriate template listed above (copy and paste into the Game Text section below):

Who Are You?

We do not know who you are. Please supply your name and email address. Alternatively you can log in if you have a user account or register for a user account if you do not have one.


Allowable Tags: <p><b><em><u><strong><a><img><table><tr><td><blockquote><ul><ol><li><br><sup>
Max Word Limit: 2000
Max Character Limit: 10000
Allowable Tags: <p><b><em><u><strong><a><img><table><tr><td><blockquote><ul><ol><li><br><sup>

Select a category:
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