(English) Thirty-Five

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Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en English.

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(English) Thirty-Five, 4.1 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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  • Tobias Mayer (@tobiasmayer) %A %e %B %Y at %H:%M

    Thanks for the credit. I actually learned this game from Matt Smith (http://matt-smith.net/) who used it to set the vision for the Scrum Exchange event in 2006. The form I learned was for setting a vison statement for an event:
    1. Each person writes down their ideal learning outcome.
    2. Swap cards as described
    3. Score out of 7 points (7-0, 6-1, 5-2, 4-3)
    4. Swap five times.
    5. The top two or three cards are then merged/combined to form a vision for the group, which is written up big and acts as the focus for the rest of the event—unless reconceived later (which may happen).

    I like the variation of using this to prioritize backlog items—sounds like Xavier did a “yes-and” on the game :)

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  • Jef Cumps %A %e %B %Y at %H:%M

    I played this game several times, and also with an odd number of people. In case of an odd number of people, there’s always 1 group of 3 people. I ask them to distribute 10 points (instead of 7) over the 3 cards. (I play Tobias’ version with 5 rounds and dividing 7 points each round.)

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  • Geoff Watts %A %e %B %Y at %H:%M

    Thanks for the extra information guys – I really appreciate it.

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  • Tobias Mayer (@tobiasmayer) %A %e %B %Y at %H:%M

    I case anyone is interested…
    apparently the game originated here: http://www.thiagi.com/

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  • Sabine Canditt %A %e %B %Y at %H:%M

    I use this game to prioritize the 12 agile principles. In addition to learning about prioritization it also makes the players familiar with the principles.

    Kind regards

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  • Geoff Watts %A %e %B %Y at %H:%M

    Great idea Sabine


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  • [...] get generated and everyone gets a chance. Prioritise again, using your preferred tool (dot voting, Thirty-Five aka “pass the cards”, [...]

  • Ellen Gottesdiener %A %e %B %Y at %H:%M

    A point of interest, @tobiasmayer is right (and i so appreciate you Tobias for accrediting this to the master: Thiagi). Thiagi is /the/ world’s master in games and simulation:
    [years ago (1994!) this was part of a pilot framegames training].

    Thiagi has it published it on his website, you can see it in the archive: http://thiagi.net/archive/www/pfp/IE4H/march2008.html#Framegame and an express version is here: http://thiagi.net/archive/www/pfp/IE4H/may2008.html#StructuredSharing

    like all of his framegames, there is so many content adaptions you can do w this lovely, enliving framegame.

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