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  • Michael McCullough %A %e %B %Y at %H:%M

    Found the following blog post on using Mr. Happy Face today.


    “… we picked a game to illustrate Kanban in a fun and interactive way, Mr Happyface, and it worked so well! I would recommend this game to any trainer who wants to illustrate Kanban in a fun and interactive way!”

    Great to see people in the community using these games and getting value from the site.

    Michael McCullough

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  • [...] of the typical 2 day Agile workshop are the games and exercises.  Games like the Penny Game, Mr. Happy Face, and the Multitasking Exercise help people take in new and challenging ideas  in a playful [...]

  • Lee Wiesehuegel %A %e %B %Y at %H:%M

    I really like this game for starting off discussions on Kanban and operations teams (those that execute a process). I like to add a middle iteration though, to separate the benefit of push vs pull and the benefit of thinking about the flow of work. My version goes
    It 1: push to unknown market
    It 2: pull to market demands (JIT manufacturing)
    It 3: same as 2, but with definitive planning on the physical flow of work, incorporating the idea of the Kitchen Golden Triangle / Taylorism.
    Wrap up: How do you translate the physical flow to non-physical (eg IT)? This is where the Kanban board comes in, how do we make that work, how do we tweak it, etc

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