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  • Core LeSS Game

    Posted by Rickard Jones on noviembre 12th, 2018

    Purpose: An interactive and collaborative card sorting activity to learn the differences between “Core LeSS” (a must have to be LeSS) or “Supportive Approaches” (often useful or common on LeSS teams, but, you could do LeSS without it), and what is “Not LeSS” (nothing to do with LeSS). Useful for a pre-assessment, review, and learning about LeSS. It is also useful in debunking common misperceptions around LeSS.

  • (English) Introduce & Explore the Heart of Agile with “Psychic Handshake”

    Posted by Daamon Parker on septiembre 17th, 2018

    (English) A quick and fun ice breaker that explores the heart of agile and demonstrates how people need to collaborate in order to deliver value. Teams need to form based on a number. The catch: only handshakes can be used to communicate.

  • (English) The Spark Engine

    Posted by Valerio Zanini on agosto 6th, 2018

    (English) This game acts as an icebreaker taking people outside their comfort zone in an easy, safe way. It sparks the creative juices of team members, warming up the creative side of their brains and fostering an environment where it is ok to share ideas even if not perfect.

  • (English) The Feedback Game

    Posted by Manuel Ilincheta on julio 24th, 2018

    (English) The goal of this card game is to help teams to open up and give and receive feedback.

  • (English) A non IT Scrum simulation game – Learn scrum and self organizing through a game

    Posted by Sreejith N T on julio 19th, 2018

    (English) Learn the Scrum Framework through this comprehensive simulation where participants plan a Space and Moon Tour brochure.


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