Product Owner Challenge

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Timing: 40-50 min
Material: LEGO 3in1 creator kits.
The product description is in one part of the room, PO and DevTeam in the other. PO is not allowed to show it to DevTeam, but can inspect the plan as often it’s needed – PO has to “walk & talk” – real challenges for traditional-minded product development departments.

Learning Points:

  • Communicate with DevTeams as clear as possible,
  • Describe the requirements and product vision to DevTeams as precise as needed,
  • Micro-manage the project vs. DevTeam self-organisation,
  • Handle locally distributed DevTeams,
  • Expierence waterfall- vs. agile driven product development project.

I developed the game and presented it at several conferences and Scrum Gatherings. A website with video is available

Link to Game:

POC-setting.jpg (194 KB)

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