The high-risk airplane factory

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Timing: 35-40 minutes

Paper, pen, scissor, tape, watch.

This game is good fun to understand how to prioritise using the Lean “bucket” system and Agile concepts and managing RISK with the best-known strategy. The participants will also learn the power of information radiators and retrospective.

1. Teams are created (3 to 5 people each)
2. Each one receives paper, a pen and tape.
3. The moderator informs that they should create as many paper
planes -of the following types- as they can:
	1. Jet 2 wings (5 points each)	2. UFO (50 points each)
	3. Tubular jet (5 point each)	4. 4-Wings plane (20 points each)

Each plane MUST fly and be DECORATED.


Each team has 5 minutes to take a look at the previous type of planes and group them according to the following table:

Basic Plane       - Easy to build, easy to make it fly, standard decoration.
Performance Plane - Medium-easy to build, easy to make it fly, standard decoration.
Exciting Plane    - Medium-easy to build, medium-easy to make it fly, super-cool decoration.
High-uncertainty Plane - Unknown how to build it or make it fly, unknown decoration.
Each group should write the strategy in a banner and stick it to the wall (i.e.  We
will make 4 basic planes first, make 5 of each one, etc).
The moderator should explain that if strategy changes then it has to
be reflected in the banner as soon as it happens.


SECOND round
The team has 20 minutes to make as many planes as they can. Each finished flying and decorated machine has to be stuck to the Basic, Performance, Exciting, High Uncertainty area.

End of the game
The moderator stops the watch and:

1. Reads the different strategies.
2. Discusses with the teams what could have been done in a different way.
3. Counts the points of the flying and decorated machines only.
The team with the highest number of points win.


Learning Points:
Prioritise using the Lean “bucket” system and learn about risk management in Agile and retrospective.


(c) 2011 Erich Buhler

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