Cover Story

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Timing: 1 hour


  • Online access
  • creativity

Players (5..8 recommended):

  • Manager/Owner
  • Employees

The goal of The Grove’s Cover Story game is to let go of all restrictions and imagine where your company will end up without anything holding it back. It involves big thinking and creativity, inspiring players to picture the potential of the company.

Clicking on this image will bring you to the Cover Story “instant game” at Here, you will find the image used as the “game board” and a light bulb icon in the upper left corner of the chart. Light bulbs represent the ideas your players come up with, which can be dragged onto the game board and described.

In Cover Story, players create a news report written about the company in the future, documenting an impressive success that the players have imagined and embellished. The chart is divided into 6 sections, each portraying a different part of the breaking news.

Cover – states the spectacular success accomplished by the company
Headers – reveal what the story is about
Sidebars – include parts of the report
Quotes – testimonials about the accomplishment from anyone imaginable
Images – pictures that support the cover story
Brainstorm – used for writing down ideas before starting the activity

Take advantage of the integrated chat facility to enhance the collaboration in the game. Communicate with your players and encourage big thinking.

Key Points:
Cover Story does not require any logic; it is solely a creative activity that allows people to dream of the company’s potential success. Any patterns that arise among people’s visions reveal shared hopes and may uncover true possibilities. Use this game to motivate employees to expand their goals for the company.

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