Example Please!

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20-40 mins


  • Paper, pens, whiteboard and markers


Briefly review the four value statements from the Agile Manifesto.

One at a time for each statment ask the group to write down an example (60 -90 seconds). In turn have everyone read their example aloud. Ask the group to choose the example they like best, write it on the board (two is fine if there is a split or close call).

Learning Points:

  • This Agile Game helps to prompt and establish an understanding how the values of Agile will and should  impact a particular group or organization. The exercise is a complement to describing the general meaning and intent of these values which is still an important conversation. The intent intent here is to create understanding and self discovery for the participants in their environment.
  • Begins the establishment of a new set of norms since these are examples of behaviour that the team has defined.
  • For a coach new to an organization this can also help you better understand the challenges a team and organization will face culturally and systemically.

Posted by Mike McCullough

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2 Responses to "Example Please!"
  • Carlton Nettleton March 29, 2010 at 9:25 am

    An example of what? How Agile values can be applied? What is their favorite value? Greatest obstacle? More details needed for this game please!

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  • Michael McCullough March 30, 2010 at 9:42 am

    Hi Carlton,

    Great question! I actually hadn’t noticed I left out that important detail.

    So the example I am asking for with this is typically worded in a couple of ways:

    1. “write an example of how your team, or you, will need to behave or interact differently to refelct this value”
    2. “write and example of how the organization will operate differently to reflect this value”

    It all depends on the audience, the first example is for a project team and the second is for adoption of Agile with an organization. The intent is to get your audience actually internalizing the values by imaging the behaviour that will manifest them.

    Hope that helps. Thanks again for pointing that out!


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