Picture Me

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Timing: 30 mins


  • 2 opposite facing white boards or flip charts
  • Markers
  • 10-20 clue cards


Divide participants in to two teams. One by one, each team member faces off against a member of the opposing team. Both are simultaneously shown the card and immediately start drawing pictures which suggest the word or phrase on a card (see learning points for examples of categories to draw). The pictures cannot contain any numbers or letters. The team members try to guess what the drawing is intended to represent. The team that first guesses correctly, wins a point. This continues until all team members have had a turn or until all the cards have been used.

Learning Points:

  • This is a fun and competitive way to review materials.
  • Examples of categories to draw: UML models, agile values and principles, roles on a project, design patterns, etc.

Posted by Don McGreal

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