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Timing: 20 mins


  • Index cards, about ten per team
  • Pens


Create teams of story writers of 4 or more. Half the teams sit together, the other half must sit at different tables.

The goal is to write a coherent story with six paragraphs that begin with….

  1. It was a bright and sunny day in ? ….
  2. Finally, John was able to subdue the ? ….
  3. The crash left them disoriented and their apples were strewn across the ? ….
  4. Somehow the bunny was now on top of the ? ….
  5. Alice had been frightened by the barking but found the path back to ? ….
  6. The clowns returned and everyone was relieved to see Harry waiting with the bucket of chicken. …

The team has 8 minutes to write their story and then present to the room.

Learning Points:

  • Co-location promotes better communication and collaboration creating better products and more cohesive solutions.

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